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Aaron Goodwin Ghost adventures. http://t.co/GHUQn6u2 other twitter i have @agoodwincollect

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2445 days ago


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liscee23 2381 days ago

Awesome You better keep all those games. They Could be worth alot of money later on in life

Jenn_Higgins 2429 days ago

I'll show you mine if you show me yours! =) I still have a working system and play that sh*t all the time!!! There's nothing like the classics!

kat_see 2440 days ago

Weak! I have way more than that. It's okay you're still cool. :)

FoolSG81 2443 days ago

Paperboy was so clutch circa 1990.

Jess22_84 2444 days ago

i'm jealous.

EVALOVESGA 2444 days ago

Nerd! lol jk jk jk u rock!

lilmellie71 2444 days ago

Oh my..I have some of those games. LOL now I will have to hook mine up.

juliavicious 2444 days ago

my god, this DEFINITELY makes me want to dig out all of my old games.

kristi_neff 2444 days ago

definitely going to hook mine up now. :)

cindyjscott 2444 days ago

I wanna come over and play. Can I - please?

NoelleMarie1231 2444 days ago

zelda, maybe? lol

Moomoomaximus 2444 days ago

What! No Bubble Bobble??

AlexKarrigan 2444 days ago

Excitebike ftw. and CONTRA...total boss

CindyVashon 2445 days ago

Omgoshh do you have dr. Mario? Best game everr! I still have my system. We're cool like that aaron.

OhHelloKitty 2445 days ago

you got good taste in games aaron!!

verntar123 2445 days ago

Dude!! You are totally taking me back!! I haven't seen those games since I was really little!! MAN!!

OGHLeslie 2445 days ago

Looks like fun! =D

08_Solrac 2445 days ago

Now thats a collection! But why two copies of SMB3 and Paperboy??

Corbstah 2445 days ago

ahhhhh i have all the marios!! i need to find something to play my addams family game on!! i have a nintendo, but i think i need a super nintendo?!

myksbzgrrl6 2445 days ago

old school my brotha!