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Aaron Goodwin Ghost adventures. http://t.co/GHUQn6u2 other twitter i have @agoodwincollect

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1717 days ago


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aimee_GAChick 1567 days ago

OMG, my most favorite game ever!! I love Nintendo!!

Cupcakeofdark 1682 days ago

Old school Castlevania. Probably my top 5 favorite video games ever.

Jenn_Higgins 1702 days ago

Oh my! I love all the skulls! Similar to what my room looks like... =)

FoolSG81 1715 days ago

so did you or did you not have to blow in the game cartridge to get it to work? That trick worked every time.

EVALOVESGA 1716 days ago

OLD SCHOOL, BETCH! lol look at Zak's gamer face lol i dont think hes stopping till he wins! i know i wouldnt

Fallen_Angel356 1716 days ago

zak ur insanley sexy nd thats a badass room there

StrawberryaYum 1716 days ago

Zak, You're so Cute! I love the Skulls Aaron! ; D

lilmellie71 1716 days ago

LOL you have little skulls on top of your tv..for cool.

MWKvanessa 1717 days ago

GAH!! i think i know that game! not sure! :O

cindyjscott 1717 days ago

OOHH - is that a cane with a skull on it. I WANT THAT!! Sadly I collect canes. :-)

_JessikaMaria 1717 days ago

This just reminded me of the death of my original nintendo and how I just will never be able to play duck hunt again.Damn that dog. Hope you guys are having fun..and I thought my gargoyles were scary! So many skulls! haha.

thebirdmadgirl 1717 days ago

This game brings back SOOO many good memories!! This is where RPG games were born! :) Damn I wanna play that now!!

OhHelloKitty 1717 days ago

that looks so nice on that big screen!! and all the little skulls on top, so cute!! i love that room!

klearglass 1717 days ago

Have you ever counted all of your skulls? They remind me of the festivals in Mexico(candy skulls). Have a good night;)

klearglass 1717 days ago

Have you ever counted all of your skulls? It reminds me of the festivals in Mexico with their candy skulls. Have a good night.

OhHelloKitty 1717 days ago

my comments arent working... this one probably wont work either. waah

Karen_Maestas 1717 days ago

Wow, I wonder who's place that is, Aaron's or Zak's...there sure are a lot of skulls. Anyway, looks like fun!

OhHelloKitty 1717 days ago

you got guts to be playing the original castlevania! that game is hard!

verntar123 1717 days ago

Look!! It't the game face!! LOL!! I love to watch faces when gaming!! LMAO!!

Alfang007 1717 days ago

do u have bubble bobble?? I could play that for hours!