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Actress, honor student, and ashamed of all this self-promotion.

Like #Smallville? Then you'll love this as much as I did.

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2203 days ago

Like #Smallville? Then you'll love this as much as I did.


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Apocalypse2001 1936 days ago

lovely pic ;)

kiddle 1944 days ago

And, I loved the "you're a Wonder Twin" reference on WH!3

kiddle 1944 days ago

OMG!!!!! you are so lucky.

RandomLittleImp 1961 days ago

i thought claudia looked familiar

bnm0906 2170 days ago

Hát ez csúcs. Nagyszerü kép! Bárcsak én is ott lehetnék egy smallville forgatáson. És egyébként milyen volt a forgatás?? A Tom Welling jó srác?
Amúgy tutira nem érted a mondandómat igaz? Mindegy azért szeretlek.

Alling 2172 days ago

that lucky girl!! is a beautiful pic!! His eyes are so beautiful!!

ironwolf67 2185 days ago

smalville is never on when i whatch tv cause i dont have cable in my room just will have to buy it on dvd when ever i get the money yo do it.

Tifany_2580 2186 days ago

youre a lucky girl......
tom welling is so woooooaaa

vapaola 2186 days ago

Are you joking?? I totally LOVE Smallville and Tom Welling!

aidelandia817 2199 days ago

oh my god is pretty

xkalosx 2202 days ago

I luv smallville and this pic too!!! you two look hot!! xD LOL!!

Jersey116 2202 days ago

i am the biggest smallville fan out there i am from sudbury ontario and i love you Tom peace

lexibabino 2202 days ago

so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmvmartha 2202 days ago

YOU rock.. Thank u for sharing this awesome pic of TOM Welling.. Love him and now U!!! ;)

ThemysciraWW90 2202 days ago,oh dam Tom i ♥ you.

LuDGarcia_55 2202 days ago

Idol was an amazing episode.. I cant wait to see Wonder Twins again.. Tom is gr8 too

stinkylol2 2202 days ago

I love your hair...who's the guy? ha ha ha

shedmonds 2202 days ago

Lucky Lady!!! :)

karimendez 2202 days ago

i'm so Jealoussssssss !!!

sexo_dube 2202 days ago

cool pic....Tom Welling is just perfect..btw the episode was off the hook...:)