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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Levi and I out on the ride today in Tenerife. Started with 12, ended with 4. Check out his wheels. Insanely fast.

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3002 days ago

Levi and I out on the ride today in Tenerife. Started with 12, ended with 4. Check out his wheels. Insanely fast.


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mikehughes35 2997 days ago

CONTADOR, you are an impostor, lance says you don't twitter, YET

JamesLegier 2997 days ago

Nice wheels there Levi. lol. WHere can I buy some LiveStrong gear to bike in Lance?

dgypsy 2998 days ago

Love the Livestrong gear--Astana...Not so much. Now go kick some butt!

robles_jesse 3000 days ago

i want a livestong kit! sweet!

seannz 3000 days ago

Levi needs spokey dokes! at least he is not using a triple chain ring!

jbrbmwz3 3000 days ago

Kick Ass, Lance!

brianmckeown 3001 days ago

Alberto Lance and Levi what threesome I hope you guys can all keep your shit together and make this work. The sport of cycling needs some positivity for a change no drama pleaseeeee!

annemiekeh 3001 days ago

Good question from david: I live in the Netherlands and want to help too! Can I?

davidccarter 3001 days ago

Lance, love your twitters - its great! Do you have any plans to expose LS to the UK. I want to do something but can't......

RogueBandle 3001 days ago

Are you going to be able to recon the Tour aswell as you have in the past, what with the Giro and the Livestrong message taking a lot of your time?

mandyhassall 3001 days ago

yup that beats working in an office for a living - off for a walk in freezing Britain - go Lance!

jamesashberry 3001 days ago

Dude! When will we see you in full Astana gear?

2UpDuc 3001 days ago

Well since he was Testing I guess it's ok,, lets see a review with some pics.. What did he think? They have a sweet spoke pattern on the front.

mulvers 3001 days ago

Ridden Tenerife several times. Is there anything more brutal than the climb out of Masca? Looking good.

annemiekeh 3001 days ago

You look great! Glad to see you in your Livestrong gear, wished it could stay that way. Have fun as well as good trainngrides

ecoratt 3001 days ago

Sweet shot Lance! i'm a buddy of Scott Zag's ;) Kick some ass this season!!

marcosainz 3002 days ago

Your Kicks don't look like any Nikes from the past. Are they new or are you rockin', dare I mention, Rocket 7's?

pkleores 3002 days ago

When are we going to see ya in the Astana outfit? Did Johan forget your size?

chiefmd12 3002 days ago

wow...these two on the same team....that Team TT in the tour will be insane...btw who were the other two riders in the final four here?

JCowdy 3002 days ago

if levi is using the crazy deep aelous for climbing i cant wait to see the prototype front wheel for his next TT... front disk? :)