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Aaron Goodwin Ghost adventures. http://t.co/GHUQn6u2 other twitter i have @agoodwincollect

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2449 days ago


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Jenn_Higgins 2433 days ago

That is f**kin awesome! Why does it look like it has 3 rows of teeth...?

ZBForeverx3 2442 days ago

Oh, nice.

Cassaundra_Rose 2447 days ago

that. is. freakin. SWEET!

nikolew1 2448 days ago

That's how my head felt Friday night.....OW!

chelseameszaros 2449 days ago

haha wow. good idea from taing it off the plate, that looks freakin amazing.

Carrie_Klein 2449 days ago

that is truly disturbing...esp. the fact that his head actually caved in...

mckeeverSuenDen 2449 days ago

thats cool howd you get the candel to melt so perfect, once again perfect eye 4 the camers SALUTE!!

its_Roux 2449 days ago

see i told ya.. ya need a better plate..

cindyjscott 2449 days ago

"Cry me a river" . . . . .

StrawberryaYum 2449 days ago

That is so Cool! I want one of those Skull Candles too!
I love you Aaron!

MangakaEmi 2449 days ago

How wonderfully disturbing!

EVALOVESGA 2449 days ago

its the after part of Before & after

CeciVR 2449 days ago

that is still AWESOME!!

Queen_GAC_Starr 2449 days ago

wow Crying tear of blood. I love that

raquelloveszak 2449 days ago

this is a awesome candle thing aaron! where did u get it?

Ghenyphyr_ 2449 days ago

The consequence of leaving a candle unattended. Delightful!

OhHelloKitty 2449 days ago

lol, oh no what happened?? that must have been one hot candle

thekimdo 2449 days ago

Thats so cool. I want one I guess.

MissBree29 2449 days ago

labotomy, perhaps?

hurricanekat 2449 days ago

Ok...seriously. One of the coolest candle holders ever. Where did you find that?