Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Eddie Fisher, Drew Brown, Zach Filkins #ILived & #CountingStars from #Native on iTunes:

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2577 days ago


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nicoleellynx3 2575 days ago

I WAS THERE!!!!! YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING!!! I saw you guys last November too and you put on a great show each time! I can't wait for the new album: T-minus 5 hours!

MelKNorman74 2575 days ago

Wow! I wish I was there. I would have loved to see you guys perform.

OMGiGiXoXo 2576 days ago

Amazing! xD

nattybl 2576 days ago

I wish I was there! Guys of 1Republic always rock:)

patpelloux 2577 days ago

hello one republic bonne fin de tournée supporters and fan bibicherepublic1963

nanarocks2 2577 days ago

I saw the first show in FLA and the last in NYC. You guys were amazing. Can't wait for Tuesday cd release.I will get it at midnight

nanarocks2 2577 days ago

I was in the front row of the balcony and It was an incredible show. I think oneRepublic did was Awesome. I was at the first show in FLA and the last in NYC.

kleineaylin 2577 days ago


Jessign 2577 days ago

Wow big crowd! Awesome

martinerepublic 2577 days ago

wow awesome!!!!! bonne fin de tournee les gards

Debbie_doh 2577 days ago

Amazing!!! Ur great guys! No doubts about it! I will be one of those in 12 days :)

Anke09loves1R 2577 days ago

This crowd is great and I'm sure you've gained during your tour a lot of new supporters and fans ;) You guys rock my socks and I LUV IT :D

SantiMe 2577 days ago

wow thats soo awesome!!.. you guys rock :D

abindenver 2577 days ago

Great theatre! Happy end of tour guys!

KickboxMommy 2577 days ago

If I were there, I'd be the one screaming & jumping! Then security would say "ma'am, you're drunk & I would be embarrassed and have 2leave.

mtvb 2577 days ago

OMG!!! What a crowd! It looks tight!LOL Who took this photo?

mezjovi 2577 days ago

Why does that one guy looked soo pissed off??? Please tell me you are doing 12/18 Mohegan Sun Show..or that's what I'll look like!!!

dsagacity 2577 days ago

that's alot of people.