Max Armstrong


Flying w/ my daddy..

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2657 days ago

Flying w/ my daddy..


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Cora007xyz 2593 days ago

You should please make a screensafer with all those nice pics like you once had one with the USPS-Team. I would than like to download it and always see your nice pics with you and your family.

nicelonjah 2653 days ago

Wow! talk about a moment in time, this is an amazing shot I can only imagine the look on his face but only you will know for sure and thats what makes this picture so special. This would be an awsome fathers day card.

jillmarshon 2655 days ago

absolutely delightful!

lucidon 2656 days ago

Lance, this is the best picture you have ever taken. Oh, wait a minute, you didn't take it...

LarryBirdy 2656 days ago

"I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea, fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me".

rnrbit 2656 days ago

Lance that's a great picture

Piyanun 2656 days ago

Awesome! Reminds me of my dad, too! Miss you, dad,wherever you're right now.

FoxxyJewelry 2656 days ago

stunning... simply stunning.

JJkuko 2656 days ago

beautiful photo!

fatassfelix 2656 days ago

Careful, you what those people said about michael jackson hangin his kid over the balcony

lrcorleone 2657 days ago

Just beautiful and inpirating!

katymullen 2657 days ago

What an amazing photo! He will LOVE it when he grows up! Just makes me smile!

NA9D 2657 days ago

What a fantastic shot!

dotv21 2657 days ago

gorgeous photo!

khadigaS 2657 days ago

magical :)

pbeiser 2657 days ago

a very very powerful photo, whoever took this has a superb eye and skill at capturing the decisive moment.. my congratulations

clmimi 2657 days ago

My favorite duo!
Son and Father!
What is more beautiful?

carolyncraven 2657 days ago

This would be my favorite. Good job Anna!

ChristinaR38 2657 days ago

aaawwww this picture touches my heart!

tomdeco 2657 days ago

Any chance of getting that picture in a higher resolution? It's a remarkable image.