Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Kelly Slater's titles are safe.

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2732 days ago

Kelly Slater's titles are safe.


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buttonsofhope 2720 days ago

damn one more thing to admire

ecoratt 2721 days ago

Charlie don't Surf! - Apocalypse now...

jbrbmwz3 2729 days ago

Kelly Slater, eat your heart out!

ddunk 2731 days ago

it would appear that u have done this before.. btw nice choice on doing tdf. :)

Cyclefilm 2731 days ago LiveStrong wetsuit? how about a yellow board? where's the merchandise when you need it? :)

CONTADORFANS 2732 days ago

surfing while yours team-mates are training. That´s the actitud lance!!

cyclingmaniac 2732 days ago

Surfer boys are so Hot!!

Rstubenrauch 2732 days ago

If that wave were a categorized climb it would be HC for sure.

dlr1967 2732 days ago

that wave is HUGE ;-)

HiPhaedra 2732 days ago

Okay that's hot even though we can't see your quads

rocketcycles 2732 days ago

surfing rocks. Lance, I am looking forward to watching you kick ass again!

Eric235x 2732 days ago

r u sure his titles are safe? i think your lying. LOL

vrosetta 2732 days ago

yeah, i would kill myself on that thing!

jrichardson30 2732 days ago

Is that a longboard? Looks like fun considering it's FREEZING here in the states!

velobabe 2732 days ago

WHAT? No cycling tan lines showing? You're obviously trying to go incognito as a professional cyclist.

soniccyclist 2732 days ago

Have you tried snowboarding as wesll????

jeffroberts 2732 days ago

Surf Strong! I think this is a preview of things to come in the World Surfing Championships, 2015.

DougieLawson 2732 days ago

Looks like the wheels fell off that bike. :-) :-)

velotips 2732 days ago

Look out for the shark on the top left...