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Escherion irl! What is he doing at Tire Kingdom?!

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1716 days ago

Escherion irl! What is he doing at Tire Kingdom?!


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_daniloalves 1291 days ago


HSsai 1614 days ago

:O hes trying to sneek in the lab and turn back to normal then attack every 1 xP

Orphantine 1688 days ago

You know what'd be cool? if there was a color custom pet.zzz;d Just a suggestion by lmprice1AQW

DEALWITHEET 1696 days ago

sleeping XP

vikingduck4444 1699 days ago

Even an evil amphibian have to change to winter tires.

x1x2x3x_AE 1704 days ago

is tha 1st froggy of chaos 8D

TomisThorn 1712 days ago

he has the horizon in his eyes
hes planing to rule with FROGS!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

TomisThorn 1712 days ago


DTAQW 1713 days ago

Oh yes, he is still a frong. xD
Forgot about that little guy :)

zeke_e_boy 1714 days ago

So thats where my new frog Escherion got to O_o

Http402 1715 days ago

Looks a lot paler than in the game.

SirValor666 1715 days ago

I think he wants a "mobile" phone? "tiring" of froginess? Just neeeeeeds to "move" along?

MrSebi 1715 days ago

Nah that aint escherion, mypet rabbit found him in my inv and ate him up! Srsly check it out, its pure evil!

Ironhorn17 1715 days ago

He is buying tires for his evil frog mobile. 0.0

Elivin5 1715 days ago

Did he have platic sugery?

phantomangel1 1716 days ago


faisal2224 1716 days ago

sorry i siad the same 2 two times

faisal2224 1716 days ago

so cute i love frogs beleen how many pets do you got.

ItsAnswers 1716 days ago

I want one!

Crystal_Lion 1716 days ago

He looks bored.