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Come on Ireland!!!! G

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2389 days ago

Come on Ireland!!!! G


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SarahDaly_ 2384 days ago

France And Ireland Match , Tut Tut :( Henry The Bleedin Cheat ! ! !

ashMT16 2388 days ago

i drove 6 hours to see you guys in windsor ontario last night and you we're watching a soccer game in a bar in new york?!..are you guys playing at Casino Rama tomorrow night??

vayamuthia 2388 days ago

you lost :( soory to hear that,indonesia lost too.. both football and badminton.. i wanna cry!!

vayamuthia 2388 days ago

ahhh.. you lost, sorry to hear that guys..and england lost too, it made me sad :(

FeckinLemons 2388 days ago

We lost. I'm not surprised. xD and i was supposed to be at that match =[

ABuck87 2388 days ago

go Co. Kildare

nattitzZz 2388 days ago


AnhHoang 2388 days ago

Haha we beat you ! But I'm not proud of our team, + the goal wasn't good, we scored just thanks to one of your defenders ! But still =P

beeinn 2389 days ago

Are you in old castle pub on 54th & 7th? It kinda looks like it! I go there aaaaall the time. You should go to "The Irish Pub" around the corner if you have time. It's a fun place to hang out also!

xxTash23xx 2389 days ago

Ireland verses who?

dylandeege 2389 days ago


StarkleDoll_x 2389 days ago

Come On..! xxx

Trisha102 2389 days ago

Legend! We Should Be Winnnin'. GREEN ARMY!

evelyn_m 2389 days ago

Go on da boys in green!! :D

FutureRhia 2389 days ago


Beyonkers 2389 days ago


Jo5269TT 2389 days ago

At least you have your priorities right - find a pub where they're showing the footie and... happy. lol

_itsSarah_ 2389 days ago

COME ON!....we nearly scored there a sec ago...

JenniferE12 2389 days ago

I really hope we get a goal in soon!

SkinCare_JamieM 2389 days ago

Go Ireland!!! Hope they win!