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Holy Rain!!!! G

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2622 days ago

Holy Rain!!!! G


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cobrastardick 2615 days ago

i would stand about 2 meters up the road in the puddle to get splashed by the cars its soooooo hot right now.

vayamuthia 2621 days ago

it was raining here too, with thunder

FeckinLemons 2621 days ago

i was there :)

GeminiKrystle 2621 days ago

This is now my desktop wallpaper ^_^

IrishBopeep 2621 days ago

Hope ya Brought your wellies so you could go golashing through the streets!

xxTash23xx 2621 days ago

Stand about 2 meters up the road in the puddle...then when a car comes along it'll splash you...that's mean..i'm sorry...

missrobyn 2621 days ago


alexkaterine 2622 days ago

It's so beautiful...I like rain...It makes me feel so peaceful...It's really GREAT!

KuchiMuchi 2622 days ago


marybeth_184 2622 days ago

RAIN! I love the rain :) just wish we had more of it here

morsefam 2622 days ago

Grasshopper... if I ever teach you anything... its find a nice pub and a cold Pint!.... preferably with a nice blazing fireplace!

LoYaL_CgIrL 2622 days ago

stay dry!

Maria_Yepo 2622 days ago

it's so pretty! I love rain

Jo5269TT 2622 days ago

Rather a lot of rain. Hopefully it's at least warmer than it is here?

cjester27 2622 days ago

Welcome to "tewer," guys ;-)

Aimsybee 2622 days ago

It's rainin and you can still take an amazing photo! love this.

AllieInStereo 2622 days ago

ur outta ireland and its still rainin,jeezes lads!!! ahah

grande_lattte 2622 days ago

you guys aren't out there getting soaked right?

Becca147_ 2622 days ago

Rain FTW ^^

AlyshaSmith 2622 days ago

that is such a mint picture ! :d