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Top o' the mornin, Trojans! Even if you layer up, remember to make the first one cardinal & gold! #BeatTheIrish #USC

Visiting my parents & my mom is cleaning out the basement. She asked if I needed to keep these for any reason.

Excitement. I mean, What is Excitement? #Jeopardy

I guess needed a lift to Hillsboro Village today.

Winners! Nashville #Ravenchase

Finally, a game I can get behind. cc:

Just another day in IT paradise #sarcasm


Is this the one you want?

Kogi, Kimchi Bulgogi & Spicy Pork tacos from Peter Chinn's new location on 21st. Tasty!

Apparently what my profile pic looks like in caricature form. Okay!

Dammit! Well, maybe this means I can sing along.

Post-Urban Dare beers. Final time 1:29:25! Maybe we could've won if we skipped the Bloody Marys this morning?

Celebratory beers after Urban Dare. Final time 1:29:25! Might've shaved off a few minutes if we'd skipped the pre-race Bloody Marys...oops.


So THAT'S why the barista asked if I wanted the red or the blue pill. (Wait, is this coffee even real?)

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