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LOST DACHSHUND: Herrin or Carterville, ILLINOIS Stotlar Rd area, nearly blind/deaf, needs meds. Call (618)942-4119

Romney’s Olympic debacle: The hero of Salt Lake becomes ‘Mitt the Twit’ http://is.gd/AjtjS6

George Carlin: Consrvtives say if u dont give the rich mre $, theyll lose thr incentive 2 invest...as 4 th poor

George Carlin: Conservtives say if u dont give the rich more $, theyll lose thr incentive 2 invest...as 4 th poor..

from Being Liberal: Romney's new bumper stickers

Need a mental health break & a spot of beauty? Mandalas of flowers, seeds, & fruits http://is.gd/pdpYxl

RT : Photo: Wisdom of George Carlin "....We've added years to life, not life to years."

Houston, TX FOUND DOG Yng male, red tan, dachshund mix, playful, gets alng w/ othr dogs. Nds loving hm RT 2 Reply

RT : Oprah reads Culture cannabis lifestyle magazine!!

BC Can Photo was taken dn so fast! Pipeline pushd 2 side by force of oil, compny dnt evn know abt it.Watersheds?

Pic: The Conservative Beatitudes: 1.) Blessed are the bigoted, for they shall never be at fault...and more...

RT : Photo: This is not synthetic marijuana...marijuana doesn't kill you! http://twitpic.com/9ttlua

Harry Anslinger, the first "drug czar", led the movemnt 4 cannabis prohibition...see photo for his sickening quote

CollinCountyTX Sv li'l buds frm kll shltr animalshelter.collin.tx.us & ldrummonds.collin.tx.us

RT Jocelyn Elders quote - love the fetus? start worrying about the child

Photo: Human priorities...

RT : Sign: "A clean house is the sign of a broken computer." http://twitpic.com/9r4t6t

Culture shock - returning frm educated France 2 Texas: Talking Pineapples & Texas Education http://is.gd/6M5LdL

RT Click the pic - Havva laff at a not laffing matter: And the officer says, "You smoked a joint...

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