Lorne Coon


Happily married to my bride, jivetalkinmama; dad to 2 great girls; Ally; bassplayer in Z-Bones; military jeep restorer; Flyers hockey fan; Derby fan

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": he's been staring at me all night from various spots in the living room" Our 2 just wanted to be fed.

Who else is FLYERED UP tonight??? #fb

Somemore awesome female drimmership - Liz Strodel of The Super Delinquents at The Tipp Hill Music Fest

Some awesome female drummership - Melanie Krahmer of Sirsy at The Tipp Hill Music Fest #fb

Was feeling blue today, so took Maddy on a Jeep ride to Whiskey Hollow. Fixed me up. #fb My M38a1 rocks!

A wee little spork. Wegman's tortolini samples Rte. 31 store.

asks me if I'm going into combat today. I said I might be, u ok w/ that? She said no, but carry on.

Sunday afternoon.

Oz Roller Girls vs Assault City Battery Brigade in Oswego. (cheap seats)

Thought bout you when we walked past on Westcott St.

...must...eat....brains.... Part 2 #fb

The boys. Doc and Mouse.

Good times ... Now they need to come up with Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls ice cream...put em in your mouth& suck em...

Adventures in diy automechanics 3rd gear. Running the new brake lines. 2 tough disconnections to go. Then reassembly #fb

Sunset over the Seneca River in B'ville.

forgot the pic, oops!

Empties. Guess I had a thing for Yuenglings. Just remember, I loved you all... I must admit some were just quickies.

Crash in Liverpool by the parkway. Cops and flares and an ambulance. After getting thru, a motorcycle had got hit...bad.

Lone Coon on bass. Picture by Louie, drummer extrordinair. photographer.. maybe not so much. Check out the shirt, tho!

": Tonight's yummy beer choice! #beer http://t.co/LHOSmNp" And my yummy beer of choice...