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Back in Vegas. How many maintenance workers does it take to change a light bulb?

  • 2154 days ago via phone
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Saw this in closet on plane. What's a discrepancy & why is there an entire folder of them?

  • 2154 days ago via phone
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Amazing entries in Zappos cake baking contest! Who knew squid could look so good?

  • 2166 days ago via phone
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Huge Zappos picnic-1891 Paseo Verde/Henderson-til 3 pm today. On Twitter? Go to DJ booth for free wristband! Lots of food, drinks, games!

  • 2166 days ago via phone
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On set of World Poker Tour at Bellagio w/ Zappos folks about to watch season finale taping! (airs in July)

  • 2167 days ago via phone
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Just saw a rat on top of a cat on top of a dog. I've always admired the underdog.

  • 2177 days ago via phone
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Enjoyed touring offices & meeting w/ CEO. Met a nice giant owl too.

  • 2179 days ago via phone
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Gotta love NY. Dog trying to make Puss-In-Boots jealous. Wonder if it's heard of Zappos?

  • 2182 days ago via phone
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I just got challenged to a dance-off by my friend's kid. Sadly, I lost.

  • 2190 days ago via phone
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On Virgin America flight. For $5 I can offset my carbon footprint. Will try it out

  • 2198 days ago via phone
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Calories don't really exist if you don't think about them, right?

  • 2199 days ago via phone
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Weird, the Pepsi paper cup I'm drinking from has emoticons all over it :) :-) :-E

  • 2202 days ago via phone
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I'd like some ribeye with my bone please. Okthxbye.

  • 2204 days ago via phone
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Wow, just got a full body xray at SFO airport. It's like I'm in "Total Recall". Except my name isn't Ah-nold.

  • 2204 days ago via phone
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At meeting at Twitter HQ. Important: Do NOT erase whiteboard detailing their revenue model plans!

  • 2205 days ago via phone
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At Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong headquarters in Austin, meeting w/

  • 2207 days ago via phone
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Wow, coffee maker in hotel room can make 2 cups of coffee in parallel! I'm making 2 cups just because I can. Might be a bit jittery later

  • 2208 days ago via phone
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I want to go to sleep at my hotel but the sheer number of pillows is intimidating.

  • 2210 days ago via phone
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Surf & Turf: Fish tie & bunny ears dinner at Lavo w/ Inc Magazine writer

  • 2216 days ago via phone
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I took photo of while it was shaking its head. It looks possessed. I'm going to have nightmares tonight

  • 2216 days ago via phone
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