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Here's the surprise: We've got 4 penguins swimming around in the pool at the Zappos party!

  • 2984 days ago via phone
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Giant Zappos ice sculpture in pool area of our party tonight.

  • 2984 days ago via phone
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I did bunny ears on Serena Williams during her visit to Zappos offices.

  • 2988 days ago via phone
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Our White Castle pyramid after eating. The bottom row is all double burgers. It's almost 2 AM in Louisville, not sure what the sunglasses are about. But the White Castle staff didn't flinch.

  • 2990 days ago via phone
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At White Castle in Louisville with . The menu has changed, but I refuse to order the family guy or his cup.

  • 2990 days ago via phone
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At Jeff Ruby's steakhouse in Louisville with Zappos folks. This is actually a picture I took of the menu because it looks better than if I took a picture of the actual restaurant entrance. Also, I am sitting next to someone who says she is amazing.

  • 2990 days ago via phone
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I'm not normally a dessert person, but I had to try the strawberries and marshmallows bowl sitting on top of cotton candy.

  • 2992 days ago via phone
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Guy in line behind me at movie theater is wearing this tshirt!

  • 2994 days ago via phone
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Guy in line behind me at movie theater is wearing this tshirt!

  • 2994 days ago via phone
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The rueben sandwich at Del Mar Deli at South Point is one of the best ruebens in all of Vegas. Tonight I will be dipping mine in chicken noodle soup. Sort of like French dip but better.

  • 2994 days ago via phone
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Our payroll department made a dog out of Zappos boxes as part of our office's Zappos float contest.

  • 2994 days ago via site
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Dinner with at Naan n Curry in SF. Very excited they have a buffet now. It looks much more appetizing in person than on phone camera.

  • 2997 days ago via phone
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My AeroGarden is growing nicely. I'm growing a salad: tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and other greens.

  • 2998 days ago via phone
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Zappos employee art show in our lunch room. Each piece of art represents a Zappos core value.

  • 3002 days ago via phone
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Too lazy to leave house & get haircut so decided to shave my head myself. Now my bathtub is full of hair. This photo makes me feel almost artistic with my cell phone camera.

  • 3005 days ago via phone
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Everyone who came to the party yesterday was supposed to bring a book. I now have a pile of over 200 books on the desk in my library.

  • 3006 days ago via phone
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Pool guy putting chemicals into my pool. I thought he would be mad at having to clean because pool so dirty from yesterday's bbq pool party, but instead he turns to me and says "I'm proud of you"

  • 3006 days ago via phone
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Bbq pool party is underway! Lots and lots of Zappos folks all over in different parts of the house!

  • 3007 days ago via phone
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Bbq pool party about to start. Lots of Zappos folks coming soon. It's the calm before the storm...

  • 3007 days ago via phone
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Me giving bunny ears to Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller at Zappos office. I had to stand on something because he's so tall.

  • 3010 days ago via phone
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