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4 planes going straight up in formation then separating at the top.

  • 2360 days ago via phone
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It's hard to tell from a still photo, but these 4 planes are diving nose first straight down in formation behind the building.

  • 2360 days ago via phone
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Wedding starts in 30 minutes. At Lake Forest Academy in Illinois. I can't believe this is a high school!

  • 2361 days ago via phone
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Waterfall wall at hotel I'm staying at near Chicago.

  • 2361 days ago via phone
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Enjoying some nachos before my 7 PM meeting at Fireside with some Zappos folks. Waitress thought it was weird I brought a laptop to the bar.

  • 2365 days ago via phone
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At home BBQing 4 steaks: Delmonico, New York strip, Porterhouse, and T-Bone!

  • 2366 days ago via phone
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Found the right wedding! Newlyweds about to cut the wedding cake. Bride is a Zappos employee!

  • 2367 days ago via phone
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Giant bug was hanging out in Zappos conference room! We put it outside. Credit card is for size comparison. The bug does not actually accept MasterCard.

  • 2368 days ago via phone
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Blue cheese crusted chicken dinner tonight!

  • 2369 days ago via phone
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loves shoes

  • 2370 days ago via phone
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Alfred's steak is as big as his head.

  • 2371 days ago via phone
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Lobster game machine at bar is brilliant. Watched people spend $20 in past hour trying to catch a live lobster. Whoever comes up with a fishing version will make lots of money.

  • 2372 days ago via phone
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You know those machines where you get a free stuffed animal? I'm at a bar where a claw can grab live lobsters for $2. If you grab it, they cook it for you for free.

  • 2372 days ago via phone
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Serena Williams shared with me a picture of her getting blood drawn for testing for the Olympics. I told her I would twitter out the pic. She's not on twitter yet but wants to be!

  • 2372 days ago via phone
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Impressive Lion King float at Disneyland parade. Lions and monkey are moving and dancing, waterfalls are real moving water.

  • 2372 days ago via phone
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In n Out triple meat with fries at end of night. Pure heaven.

  • 2377 days ago via phone
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Bunny ears at Skechers party with the real life Mark Nason, one of our popular brands on Zappos!

  • 2377 days ago via phone
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Thanks for great people and food at Skechers party! Burgers, cotton candy, sushi, grilled cheese, fries, chicken satay, fried donuts, cannolis, and more!

  • 2377 days ago via phone
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Another penguin pic. It's kind of weird having penguins at a party.

  • 2379 days ago via phone
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I just pet a penguin. I like chillin' with the penguin.

  • 2379 days ago via phone
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