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Not to be the dick that nitpicks someone else's thing, but you gotta fix this grammar/typo, y'all:

If I dress for it, maybe I can force Spring to come… #necktiefriday

speaking of Arnold, OH MY GOD:

After I click "Hoorah!":

there ya go:

now THIS is how you avoid annoying new users with captchas at signup. So smart—and fun!

the internet thinks you're a 39-year-old dude. huuuh?

I respect and for not jumping on the buzzword bandwagon and choosing their language carefully.

Triaging my browser bookmarks and saving the good ones to .

Kill me.

My brother and I at Boston's Central Wharf on a salty, overcast June morning.


You know, I think this sums me up pretty well actually:

I know, right!??!


Gotta ward off that winter chill on today on #necktiefriday. I'm wearing the flannel shirt a lot lately.

Yeahhhh boi! #1337 #noSleep

#iTunes11 LIES!

Yeah baby, this is happening!

Man, I just noticed the vast majority of my installed apps have blue icons. Most popular icon colour?

You have the most delightful URLs I think I've ever seen. Brilliant!

The EV is quite striking when you stop to look at it.

Sure they use 4 different fonts, but the homefries are killer

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