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I help bring indie games to the masses at @21stGames, and helped make the weirdest kickstarter video of all time. #edm #indielove

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First solo attempt at the sewing machine. YouTube taught me how to thread it

$3.99. Yes, this is what I bought today @ vintage vinyl

Italian wedding soup cures all.

Mikes texted me feel-better soup l. Sweet thought and zero calories.

The chelsea office has windows!

Pretty night for a show

Got a super cute mcpedro sketch from AND got new new techno kitten fan. Woooo!

City; approved.

Choosing table cloth colors. The fate of techno kitten rests on one choice: Watermelon or hot pink?

I require caffiene and offbrand dollar store #Disney mechandise to be fully productive.

GOOD MORNING DAVID! Have a coffee, won't you? #TheManWhoSoldTheWorld #dunkindonuts #goodtuesday

Good morning #coffee- the earth says hello.

I will never stop loving her. #Britney

Nothing like #surfrock in the am

All fiesta no siesta.

I needed some thinking time so I drew a blocky unicorn with a ballgag on my iced coffee. #unicorn #mylittlepony

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