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I often get asked on tours about my average Friday night... so here ya go , this is my Friday night!

I joked that my family should let me make a Jumbo with our new hedge cutter... they said okay

I joked that my family should let me make a Jumbo with our new hedgecutter... they said okay.

aaaand be jealous. #thanksgiving

Deep frying turkey number two! I'll eventually post a pic of the entire dinner :)

I love being part of this :) homemade bread!

Everytime I feel bad about something, makes it better 'you are beautiful' postit on the shepard fairey


President and President Clinton under the banner. Tufts, you're super great.

Challenge accepted!
Also, roofs of: cohen, campus center, metcalf, braker, carm, pearson, etc :)

The Gifford House is spooky! Way to go (or should we be applauding the monaco kids on this one?)

Hey , see this cute kid rocking the Jumbo? Coming at ya in 12 years. #Jumbosiblingsforever

That's my boy! forever. #monaco2011

Looks like Capen House is gonna be rocking a nice yellow come September!

...its apparel... IN TARGET!!! I'm so hapy oh goodness

I finally understand why people rave about Tufts summers. Its 7:15pm and I'm on the presidents lawn basking in the sun.

After 5 years of torturous commercials, I have finally made it to a sonic! #yum #lemonberryslushie #yumyum

Dear Twitter, here's a picture of my 4 year old brother playing Portal. Enjoy! :)

My little brother apparently decided his toes weren't summer-time ready, so he 'painted' them with yellow highlighter :)

My current location. Be jealous.

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