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the REAL (accept no fakey substitues!) on node security project - nodesecurity.io . #nodepdx

the REAL (accept no fakey substitues) on node security project - nodesecurity.io . #nodepdx

. on optimizing single web pages for seo/web crawlers with node.js #nodepdx

. talks on programming with a purpose. #nodepdx

. on (functional) reactive programming to prevent duplicate/mutations in your code. #nodepdx

. of on git-js. #nodepdx

. of couchbase on real time text analytics in twitter api w/ node.js (also schemaless w/ couchbase). #nodepdx

. does a wifi local submitted disco dj with node.js + arduino + lasers + smoke machine! #nodepdx

. on creating fun ol' skool 8-bit music in node.js - beep boop! #NodePDX

. on taking messaging from interwebz and using it to make music thru connected midi synths. #nodepdx

. talk on messaging using broker for push/pull, req/rep, pub/sub between server/dispatcher & worker. #nodepdx

. talking on pub/sub & his faithful zenircbot. #nodepdx

now @ holocene. some technical difficulties, starting a bit late, please stand by... but hey, free yogurt!

. had a great time @ pdxnode/nodecopter last night! pic my iPad app from copter camera. ;)

_that's_ diana rigg??? man, she's come loooooong way from the cat suit. #avengers #DoctorWho

in a mass e-mail, says it would like us to come famous podcaster & comic, “Chris Hardick.” /cc

. it's actually more like this:

. btw, wearing your shirt now @ my volunteer shift . #represent

this, from pal , had me laughing my fool head off this morning. trū dat.

the board! #bcp7