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‘merica. fuck yeah! (foto courtesy of pal )

. , this Sausage On A Stick is fer u. #waterfrontblesfest2013 #obvious #overeating

btw, happy birthday, u.s.a.; now quit acting like such a fucking brat.

. you mean _this_ jesus??

. no… hammuh time! wo-oh! wo-ooh-ooooh!

sundown @ dolores park w/ #fluentconf folk

end of day @ delores park. wine in hand, end of lovely day, start of great night, w/ #fluentconf

on my way into my first day ! thanx & !

. screen shot of your greenie thing with gromon from around 9 a.m. this morning. #NodePDX

best slide yet. #NodePDX

back from pilates! phew! now yummy nicola's lunch. NOM! and...it's lightning talks time! p-tchoo! p-tchoo! #NodePDX

. on how his hardware sensors love node.js (also, with his own txtzyme). #NodePDX

. and the Pillow Pets World, both website & stand-alone virtual world. #NodePDX

. on module driven development in node.js, keeping it small, and his demo example of replpad. #NodePDX

. teaches robots to see with OpenCV and node.js. #NodePDX

. gives a talk and demo on "put a sensor on it" - doing arduinos or raspberry pis with node.js. #NodePDX

. introduces us to sails.js, the (possible) rails for node.js. #NodePDX

. on (now, allegedly) open source ms windows azure... OR SO THE GERMANS WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE! #NodePDX