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Designer. Originally from Ireland. Interested in improving the lives of millions, if not billions of people. Ideas for Facebook →

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so far I've travelled 2500km in the last 6 months w/ my electric bike. It has cost me €25 for electricity.

HowNow do I increase the brightness on my 27 inch display? There is no slider and keyboard controls only affect laptop.

Google HQ Europe

If you say so

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yeah, but it looks like a clip (the right side) might have broken off. That shouldn't just happen.

I snapped 20 shots off with the 5D + 50mm fine, then suddenly it wouldn't focus, took lense off & this popped out.

Got a new lens to get me started, can't wait to fire up the 5D tonight!

Overnight AE render while I catch some z z z.. #goodnight

Check out Dublin City's new wayfinding system, but I can't understand why the Irish is white and the English is gray?

Please please please don't crash

Can't tell my lefts from my rights, my ups from my downs. What were they thinking?

Above is the current office layout, below is an idea to encourge more interaction while working, a little more human.

Burning the midnight oil

Working through the night

remember we used to have mugs like this? We have in work!

omg!! That's revolting (reaction photo)

I feel like I'm in the front row of the cinema

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