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thought id share perfect SD weather with iowa today...but you can see by the forecast, im takin it back when i leave!!

guess where I went today?! #methlabintheback

sitting outside of the bus with headphones on enjoying this beautiful day, can u guess what im listening to?

haha i miss you too man, you & need one of our new shirts!

ohhh yea nü kit!

are you in a local band lookin to make your demos look way more legit?! it prints right onto the cds.

my dude wobblin on deez foolz!!

damn man, kills it!! mark my words, they will be HUGE!!

remember myspace?! well if you still have one, were on the front page streaming #TheFlood

look what we gotttt! looks like a good chance of #TheFlood happening on ;)

its the fueeziest carne sesh!

best way to cure a hangover!!

seeing as to how it's #fridaythe13th that ALSO means its #BIGDADDYVOORHEES day! Hooray!

some of u may have seen in for ...i have one on my ipod & it's siiick!! check em out!

tonight should be a HOT night! only 2 more shows out here...time 2 show ur boi fuegz whatchu got UK!! ydg?!

saw this at a punk shop in berlin today haha punk is NOT dead out here! miss you brotha!

punk rock music is very much alive in europe! yesterday kicked so much ass! this is nofx's crowd HOLY FIKE!

unwinding after a LOOOOONG day! what an amazing show!

damass! WORLD...I HAVE SEEN IT ALL! there is a FULL ON BAR in this bathroom!

just horsin' around at merchnow