Anton Sal.


Same old shit u hear every time; 17 & no plans. Story of a kid goin nowhere fast. || #3CK #Freedom

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Lmaooo. actin' all gangsta and shit.

Life is good when you got friends to kick it with. #Goodtimes

": #MentionTo your friend who loves chicken so much."

What I usually do at work.

Guess who got a happy meal...

The last Naruto game I bought was when I had PS2. #happyasfuck

Gettin paid to do overtime... But Instead went down to the breakroom to play some foosball xD.

Midnight snack... Err drink.

Gaby's freezing his Gatorade in the Ice-cream freezer. Haaahaa x).

Don't know where the fuck we be.

Got my tick !! Comic con baaaaby !!! Yeuh !! #Lezgow

Double-scooped, waffle cone ice-cream. The bomb-shizzle man.

All the nerds tryin to figure out thos maths problem. Haha ! The rest just gon let them finish it

killin it @ S.G. .

Headin to school now and the full moon's still out maan.


Anotha looong way back home man . #shitson

Daamn I want these shoes . These be the times when I feel like stealing for it . Hahaha .

Its gon be a looong way back to sharjah .