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Its not just concrete. Very few are.

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With my advancing years, hangovers are definitely getting worse. This calls for a proper cure...

Is it just me, or does it look like Lennon is being held back by stewards whilst trying to put the boot into that fan?

maybe not a people's playlist cover, but as dogs go, my dog Rory likes to think he's pretty regal....

This week has been a week of new favourites. Here's today's. Its amazeballs juice.

and seeing as I've managed to make it to a shop before work, neither will I be from now on.

stupid new twitter. Might have to revert to another app. This was what it should have linked to.

I'm on the most ill conceived bus interior ever. Defined by the complete lack of leg room.

It doesn't feel this cold...

Just one word, lol.

it also means this is back down low. I'm melting up here!

Mutha Hucker!! Look at that!! I thought it only existed on tv and in the movies...

almost as unbelievable as this...

"starving and freezing" after being stranded. Why doesnt keeping food/blankets in the car apply to them? Tubes.

I think this is known as "bracing".

Think it's cold where you are? It's probably tropical compared to here...

And it just keeps falling...

stole it. And she's keeping it hostage.

Worth the wait... :D #granturismo

like this you mean?

Strictly. Come. Dancing. Kill. Me. Now. Oh, look, work to do...

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