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Physician. Foodie. Crafty baker. Proficient gamer. Lover of all things cute and girly... and football.

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Mr. Darcy. Be still my heart. ❤️ #crushing #love

Benedict Cumberbatch as Mr. Darcy. Be still my heart ❤️ #crushing #love

Nooooo!!! I found a SECOND white hair on Beary Bear!

Oh. No. I found a white hair on Bear's head!!! Noooooo my baby is getting old!

Wow, tired much??

Total paparazzi shot from Jejudo

Gotta find me a button ear....

This will put you in a better mood. Smile

???? #food

Dude. It's mad foggy driving home right now lol #blind

I spy the Triforce on Joergen Graabak's skis.

Enjoying the delicious 's popcorn and the box it came in

I'm going to attempt this 30 day squat challenge!

I'm getting gold for dinner

My feet are so cold but this guy looks so cozy and warm...

My feet are so cold! But this guy looks do cozy and warm...

How I feel when I lose a game... #CalvinAndHobbes #soreloser

Oh yes indeedy-o. It is summer alright. ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀

If he is not eating, he must be the center of attention. Photo taken as soon as he came up to my loft.

So many macarons though.....

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