yuli {둉생}


둉 - 지대 - 우민이. 一 12weirdos{may '12♡} 一 baby ihayi's twin♡. http://t.co/2XkWPksDQw

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Happy bday taeyonga & happy bday <3<3

Happy anniv girls Hope ur upcoming comeback will success and gain more acknowledgment. #365DaysWith2EYES



Happy bday leadernim. Maap telaaaat. Best leader-being for me<3

Happy birthday baekhyuna, all best wishes for you<3 #HappyBaekhyunDay #PrinceBaekyunDay (wht prunce smh)

Taoziya happy birthday!!! You have to be 'mature' from now on. #PrinceQingTaoDay #HappyZitaoDay

130413 my fave luhan's haircolor. Once again happy bday luhanie~ /sehun's voice lol/. Goodnight!

Happy bday luge! Wishing u all the best and a great bday. Pls do ur best too to us on this comeback<3

JINOYAAA HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY<3 may you debut soon or atleast sm includes you to smrookies. All the best! #HappyJinoDay


#2YearsWithEXO a guy who randomly invited us to come to his bday yet he didnt tell the actual address smh

#2YearsWithEXO u said if u'll increase ur typing skill so u could answer more q fr fans lol. N you watched exo's debut vids

#2YearsWithEXO u wrote ur message in chinese n korean and u were asking did u need to act more cute in the future lool

#2YearsWithEXO the person who always wrote a short message. But u wanted us to stay w/ u until 9908123762134th anniv lmao

#2YearsWithEXO u said sorry bcs you couldnt give us more joke at that time pmsl.

#2YearsWithEXO u wanted us to celebrate exo's anniv until the 20th anniv. You know, we want more than it fufu

#2YearsWithEXO u said that u didnt get to meet exofans oftenly at that time and u lost ur energy bcs of it.

#2YearsWithEXO Caring yixing as always. U said u wanted to sing ur own song, dance ur own choreo, plays piano, only for us.