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Sally's getting pretty excited about Christmas, y'all!

I just thought that this should be shared with anyone and everyone. #hungergames #hottays #peetabread #andgale

Reason number 46859385628 why I love :

Gameday! #wareagle #ironbowl #beatbama

She's so cute when she begs :)

I have absolute no shame in my background. #hungergames #harrypotter #christmas

Herp derp

Sally actually cuddled with me! She hasn't done this in years! #lovemybaby

Girls night at Carabba's with , Carlie, Haley, and Stacy! Live my ladies!!

What? Who is he? Paula Dean? #acaproblems


My picture of is great cause of the lady in front of me right? Wrong. I'll get one WITH him one day.

My pumpkin truned out so freaking awesome. #potterhead4lyfe

Having to be encouraged to finish your meal cause you know you're going to regret not finishing later #fatkidproblems

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