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Stands above the rest. King of the hill. Get it now.

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It was 104F In Kansas City, in July .. and it still wasn't II Hot II Read ..

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Up NeXT.. 1 NIB optical drive cleaning cartridge. Evil looking thing.. with a green crank handle.

The crawler has a mass of 3000 tons, has eight tracks, with 57 1,984 lb shoes each for 456 of those 3,000 tons.

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PartsMaster Lives! ... Suddenly .. it's 1985! - The OmniDrive rises again! Long live Corvus Constellation II!

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MFM.. bah! Need cables. .. got any extras? They're all bad. Go figure.

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Went looking for food.. found a closed Wendy's ... and a delayed post by now.

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Loaded II go. #sourcecode on the roll. Apple ][ Forever!

...and loaded...

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One Apple IIgs ready to go.:-)

Up II no good.. and zero hour approaches.

A unique Apple II joystick. Saw one listed recently and thought I had one:-)

Today we make rocket parts with the laser. Simple foam rockets for a recruiting event.. but kids love 'em..

Quite a bit of 20+ years of KFest / KansasFest - #A2KFest - Since 1990 -

A2 Flashback! A trip through the Apple II Time Machine across the BBS era.

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...and on this episode of Late Night Laser.. the second life of hard drive magnets.. CNC cut job holders. :)

Some Mac Plus era promo items. More coming soon to the General Files Library.

Apple Lisa Twiggy Drive Harness - Ribbon cable assembly. NIB Service part.

In a pinch? U-Tow.. .. one minute it was running, the next.. not. ... is what it's supposed to look like. One of these days..

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