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23 Tristina Millz I did porn I model. The rest you can Google me Bitch! I'm VegasCali! Don't like me then please getda Fuck off my property! Wooo

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": I don't walk, I swagger." S/O to u this isa so my swagg.

really? aww im good been having shoots.

really? aww im good been having shoots.

I got a shoot today doing something I love. Eating pussy my life is great! #lego

#racksonracksonracks#racks I luv my job acs limos partner N southern cali,& model 4 hobby money. 2day was a good day bp!

I can't ride good yet but when I can eat ur heart out bitches! #btw Im still revent I'm a #pornstar,#model #bikez #motorcycle #hotchicks

San bernardino#cops#racist af #drivingwhileblack#wtf said I had broken tail-light?Heres a pic of my lights#fuckyou#lier!

Must be high #af cut shave, off and mostdef-inately im #on1

I want 2b on one!

New hair cut and color enjoy

I love me more than you!

hi lilwayne can u say hi 2ya fan,listen2me sign me2da band.Youngmula reppin tristina millz u should b checkn

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