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Oliver & giz forever at war over sharing me. O conceded to my feet;G wins again.

demolished husband's score so pretty proud of myself! wii fit snowball champ!

Husband and baby dog sleeping butt to butt. #precious #spoileddog

$35 in change saved for vacation ... We can buy 1 tank of gas! #ballin

Oliver feels we should be watchim him not criminal intent.

Master bath window as reflected in the shower door.

Cat litter run at walmart turned into this.

Two fillings today. #Numbsmile

My cat likes cups counters and black flag.

short bangs = much easier. happy with my scissor session. #Thatswhatshesaid

I deserve this. Ice on my back book in hand breeze behind me. #outdooroasis

Also my dog's claw did this tonight. #deadlyweapon #dangertoherselfandothers

Getting ready for bed. I call this look hot mess hooker.

Ok im ready for my workout! have to work off that tuna juice.

At ancil hoffman park @ the river for mother's day.

My brother makes fancy food.

The babies dont know they're about to get the boot. #sexytime #marriedlife


New sunglasses. #Shades #polkadotsandbows