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#BatmanBeyond 23 - Max has had enough of your stupidity, tyvm! *spoiler image*

My sig says "Uncensored, and often opinionated, at <links>". Got this. Who gives a fuck re being compared to a stranger's sister? LOL!

After Eva's great comment in UXM3 I'm disappointed w Bendis in 4&5. Irwin family excluded, I don't know any of us that talk like this!

#CableAndXForce 8 *** SPOILER IMAGE *** Domino continues to be awesome:

I love that the net brings folks together, but sometimes I want to scream. This is one of those times: #looksdontaffectability

I get the best emails!

Eli likes to pretend he's the titular character from Princess And The Pea:

Sunset at Coburg Drive-In for the start of 's 40th Birthday weekend celebrations :)

Sooo cooold! Arm warmers & fluffy purple socks aren't enough. I think the "Feels Like" is being generous:

My "It's freakin' cold!" footwear:

Telstra called me & yet they swapped me through 4 different people & had me on hold most of the time. They called me yet still didn't have time for me!

I want my own Archie the Scare-Pig!

#IronMan 3 Prelude. I enjoy movie lead in #comics. This mini shows where Rhodey was before/during #Avengers *spoiler image*

#TMNT 18. I love that every issue of Turtles feels so epic. So much story is packed in. *spoiler images*

#AllNewXMen 7. Loving this book! Had trouble picking a fave scene, but this made me laugh *edited spoiler images*

#FearlessDefenders 1. Fun first issue :) All the girls are great, but this cracked me up *spoiler images*

#NewAvengers 3 = JFC!!!

#Hawkeye 7 was amazeballs! I giggled, I sniffled, & I loved it utterly! Now I just wish this could be true:

#XTremeXMen 9 was really good! I adore #Wolverine & #Hercules together <3 #Herclett forever!