Give me diet coke or tea and you are my best friend instantly

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Can't wait to read these. The hype for them better be worth it.

Look at my bed right now, full of books. Welp.

23 magazines of rob and kristen....(That's just main ones)

Interview magazine came ashjuirhgvwdhc

Beautiful, natural Kristen.

Sister passing out while watching 50 shades of got too much for her

My Kristen stewart mag arrived. #DazedAndConfused

I'm so ready to see the amazing Spiderman #3D

Cherry Coke #EPMemories

My veins look very weird

Ewwww my hip bone is sticking out loads..

I am queen fan girl.

Ignore my fat stomach, just concentrate on the t-shirt. I fucking love it. What do you think?

These are the 3D glasses (For Katy Perry Film) that my friend got from Premiere for me :')

Me with my amazing 3D glasses (Katy Perry) (ignore ugly face, I just woke up)

I read my timeline and hate tweet about spiders came up then opened YT & look: #weird

Only this much left of Gabriel's inferno, he has got to tell her soon...right?

The feels. This book. You got to love the professor.

She finally said those 3 words to Gabriel