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"Wait, wait a minute. Where's Snail?!" #inktober 16/31

As the kiddies like to say, this ain't photoshopped. You CAN see the pixels. #screenshotsaturday #pixelart

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Nothing like new friends and good food and drink on a chilly day. #inktober 15/31

"Okay, FINE! This iron world DOES exist. Now quit whistling and show me around!" #huesday

I THINK a loop was a problem then? Maybe. Dunno if fixed or not though. #screenshotsaturday

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It was only then that Snail became aware of his worsening predicament. #inktober 14/31

Bare bones but working, heh. #screenshotsaturday

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"The bowl's clean, honest! Want some?" 13/31 #inktober

Wait! Stop! Don't go in oh dear! #inktober 12/31

"Hey wait a second!" #inktober 11/31

You know lasers go thooooooom right? Plus the new vedgies.

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Quick little speed line fast moving scared snail for today. #inktober

Death says hello.

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Hedgehog mushroom party! #inktober 9/31

How to startle a snail. #inktober 8/31

"OF COURSE she's innocent. The question is, intervene, or let them learn from their mis-* okay fine, jeeze!" #huesday

Hedgehogs harvest hydnas and other delights. #inktober 7/31

Your relatively peaceful farming is about to be interrupted.

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A little distraction on the way to checkout never hurt anything right? #inktober 6/31

A shadowy spot where a patch of mushrooms grow... #inktober 5/31