Floating through life, bringing happiness where I can. Bubbles and glitter masking darkness. Inane updates and feelings overflow go here.

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I feel dirty, violating my precious with such a cheap piece of equipment

I think is going to like this one

One of these things is not like the others... ...I guess it's time to get rid of Whatsapp

Christmas lunch entrée Delicious! Ping

disco cup with ruttered bum! waitwut!

Adorable intercontinental lucky pandy love SQUEEEE ^_^

Bitter? ... Or sarcastic?

this is the nook :) a, some might say, useless space in my apartment.

now to turn this ... ... into a home.

I has a friend above my bed. I call him Alfred.

Keeping some of my favourite females close, despite their interstate locations.

This stuff goes alright with gin... P.S. I'm back bitches!

There are drunks dudes on the tram. They have a wilted Christmas tree. Apparently they're bringin Christmas to the 109!

... And I bought a gun that shoots silly string. I swear, I really am 26.

will this (minus cheese) do?

The internet delivers! ... And so efficiently, thanks to

Can you guess what philosophy I use when selecting wine? #hornsshootingrainbows

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