I love my man,pets,family&friends x I hate my 2 chronic illnesses,im batteling each day,Addisons Disease @beatED,I have a heart of gold,luv to you all :) x

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Some energy would b nice,time for 1 of these,Urghhhhh!! #justsayin #illness

Right gotta av 1 of these down me NG tube ;/ so will say
*・★Good Night★・*
Mwahh luv yas all xx

And these every day x 4 :/ #illness

Stoppin drinkin now,dnt wanna get more ill like;/ shudnt really drink wiv all these meds tbh #Getwellsoonchattaboxshaz

Me fella bought me this gawj #boofle, #boss defo cheered me up,needed it xx

Me parrots givin me funny looks ya kno

Wot ye reckon???

Got these today at shud keep me goin for a lil while #illness #getwellsoonchattaboxshaz

that's mine 23lb common :) x

#itchintogetoutonthebank soon be out, if I'm well enuff ,do u think we got enuff 4 sesh?

Aaaw me dog was #boss in the vets today(^_-)-☆ had few jabs,n got his lil passport Aaaw woooo #bossdog xx

beast loved tha fight like #screamer x this is me PB catfish :)

Aaaw is rite,I luv #carpfishing me pb carp is 30lb called the pretty one,n me pb Catfish is 29lb :) ur pb?x

Bought a new game 4 Xbox 2day,,look wot we had to do to get it out of the case #ffs no need

got a bassethound,wot u got? X

Evenin Tweetachickas n boys,after a good rest today,feelin lil betta,jst gonna av me meds down me NG tube n 1 of these

Anyone fancy one of these for dinner? 4 a day I'm on #getwellsoonchattaboxshaz

Me parrot sittin off #boss (^_-)-☆

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