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Joe Budden: He will find you (and kick you the fuck out of his show...) http://twitpic.com/bhejde

Joe Budden: He will find you (and kick you the fuck out of his show...)

I just got my boo one of these to keep her company in my absence

"I am a nigga. That's prolly gonna' nig again. Lord forgive me, lord forgive me... Bitch don't kill Mekhi."

My blanket from last night. Sober folk call that a towel smh.

My partner and the table. We cleared that bitch 5 games straight bro, and I won in a 2v1 game for the championship.

nahhhh but I'm drumk though pmao. 10 James of beer bong undefeated Lmaooo.

Victory!!!! Undefeated tonight bitchhhhhhhhh!!!


My white nigga had the power tools, I had the V8 engine, we snatched a stop sign, a yield sign anddddd a street sign!

Shout out to Jennifer at AT&T for recovering my contacts for me. I'm back in the game, baby! Where the heauxs at?

They wasted suchhhh an incredible beat on Fam'Lay smh. Rock N' Roll is probably Top 10 Neptunes instro's of all time.

Don't @ me with music, especially when your name is some mistaken fag shit. It's supposed to read Yella Fella CEO ;__;

Father your fucking sons.

That one and the next is yours homie.

I see this in the middle of my simping... and magically, I hang up. RT : Good conversations that never last.

I walk into the kitchen and I see my roommate making some extra wack looking shit...

Y'all need to bump "Trilla" at least once a day, though. It cured mad cases of "wack" in November.

didn't know I was kicking it with royalty last year though ;___; She's worth more than Oprah, bro.

Filled up a passport last year homie. All the dudes behind us were her security lol. You know how I do.

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