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RT if you love Josh Hutcherson :)

Please tell me what you think about my hair :)

Cosmic bowling! Yes, I'm losing..

How awesome is my Wall !?


A game: recognize the song!

Look, it's a clown! He makes things like aliens, horses, princesses and all that kinds of stuff! AMAZING

Yeah buddy! Look what I just found :D I'm VERY happy now!!

My blackberry doesn't like himself that much.. It wants to hang himself! Hahahahaha

Yes, my street's orange already.. And this is just one house!

What I'll see first tomorrow morning when I wake up :)

I've got the DVD guys! Can't wait when I'm home and watch it!

The endless fight between me and the Internet has begun again.. Looks like it's about to win -.-"

Seriously, it's only this far away xd

The bike is blue again :D hahaha

And when I say right next to me, it really is right next to me haha

if you get the role, are you looking forward to this part of the story? ;)

Look! !! Trying to make tortilla XD. not sure if I'm succeeding..

Hey, !! Look what I just got :). Don't spoil me hahaha