Hello you're reading my twitter bio, are you having fun? =)

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Do you guys likey like my new ring? I think its absolutely gorgeous!! :D

More tin foil in my hair than on your average Sunday roast xD

This plait has been in my hair for 3 months I have to take it out before my hair appointment tomorrow xD

Ya'll like my new tart? xD

Another ridiculously useful translation for me to use

I just spent ages looking for my pens and got really mad when I couldn't find them, then I remembered I did this

the best sneaky pic I cld get ;)

I decided to clean my room & in a move that only made sense at the time I threw everything I own onto the floor

Hmmm this BG pic sure is slowing down my productivity! ;)

Drew this little guy instead of doing homework...productive!

I think instead of a handbag to carry my stuff I need a pack mule instead


I'm out bush today :D its quite nice isn't?

:D :D :D :D Happiness in paper form :) :) :)

The words 'baby's and 'crack' shouldn't be used together in a sentence xD

Poor poor Barcelona :(

Aaahhh! Aaah! I got a goal! I got a goaaaaal! Look at my team hug each other with joy!!! Hahaha

I don't even "get" soccer:)

Oh god help me...currently paralyzed with fear aaaaahhhh

Excuse me while I make some babies with this glass of wine