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45 minutes ago I sat down to do some Spanish you can see its going well

this was probably one of James Mays finest moments! And definitely one of my finest goodies :)

aren't they adorable!? :)

he should totally get this to keep with your pat rafter :)

What a ridiculously cool coffee cup!

such an ironic name for such a scummy place

so players should now be forced to play a tourny whether they want to or not? What crap

I looooooove this picture! It's just so random but cool! and cuuuute and he looks so stylish

the smell of this soap instantly makes me think of my apartment in Argentina :)

and the magazine has articles like this so yeah you know its gooooood

yaaaay family BBQs

just found this in my desk draw LOOOOOOOL!!

I also got a dashboard Jesus! which actually looks more like Maradona then a messiah...

MY NEW HAT!! I've wanted one for so looong!! I actually squealed when my brother gave it to me!! I love it!!

I love my bookmark its so random and cool :P

vamos-ing hurts.....

do regular people even have catch phrases?

this is what I do during a 3hour+ tennis match

Finally got my book I ordered ages ago I hope its as good as his other book I read

Vie bye Melbourne park :( I miss you already! Waaah!