Hello you're reading my twitter bio, are you having fun? =)

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Im cooking tea tonight its taken me almost 10 mins to cut 2 pieces of pumpkin, I'm so domestically challenged

this is the stuff me and my brother do together ...yeah we know how cool we are

people are finding it really hard to take me seriously right now I can't figure out why....

don't even pretend like you don't LOVE my sexy new headphones!

look who I found a poster of!! :D

oooohhh yeaah #oldschool baby! Old schooool!

looky what I found :)

THIS WAFFLE IS IN THE SHAPE OF A PENGUIN! a goddamned penguin man!

my little tennis corner :)

Do I look to much like a weirdo patriotic French ninja in this? xD

how can you walk past a book with a cover and name like that and not buy it for only $5! :)

Mooo-ve over ugg boots Ive got better things to keep my toes warm this winter! Mooo-ve you get it? #lamejokesftw

this was one of my favourite ever games when I was younger :) I loved the Adams family so much!


I'm quite liking the routine of buying a new book each Thursday from the station to read on the train home :)

King Tommy always makes me smile also I just noticed what the pic on the wall is of a bit narcissistic hey tommy?

nom nom nom :)

I was thinking my pancake craving would go unfulfilled then I found these once again Harry potter saves the day!

I'm all nostalgic now my 3 much loved mp3 players my 1st in the middle 2nd on the right & my 1st gen ipod touch