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I've got a shindigg tomorrow and I've spent 2 hours trying to decide what to wear

I love the one direction reference in regards to Spains form for Euro 2012

god only knows why all this stuff is in my bed... *meh* good night

Federer looks like a muppet when he yells like an honest to god puppet muppet

I mixed Pepsi max V and a vodka energy drink in together... so I guess no sleep for me

My parents are renovating the kitchen & this is where the fridge has ended up while its happening...its awesome!

Right come at me day 4 of the French Open! #tennis

You stay classy Ukraine you stay classy

these are the pics so far much more effort going into this then the actual translating part xD

Spanish speaking friends, are the answers to the questions right?The answers are to be written in the 3rd person

and with that quote I think of this pic & think 'also like a steam train nalby cant stop quickly either'

ohhhh my god someone get me these Nikes!

this is exactly who I wanted to be when I was growing up :) so kickass!

hmm my feelings are much more like this photo see, Im Fernando and the rafa fans are the racquet...

is this a pic of Grace Kelly? looks a lot like Naomi watts to me...but I dont know