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A perfect rainbow :)

just casually chopped off some of my you do at nearly 10:30 at night xD

this is what a very bored person can do with 206 smarties xD

soooooo fluffy and little! *squeeee*

they're so fluffy!!!

got a tad bored and can't sleep xD

lool my ID photos over the years no wonder I always get questioned when I hand over ID none of them look like me

its only September but theres xmas stuff in stores already which is ridiculous but look how cute this lil man is!

I was planning on being all mad and pouty about beating Sam...but then I saw this pic and thought heck no I can't be mad at someone who's that psychedelic about winning!

I cannot wait until this ring is mine!!! I loooooves it

piquito on my telly makes me happy even if I know how it ends

happy happy birthday! :) please accept this picture in lieu of an actual gift from me

heating up my midnight snack :)

as this very scientific and accurate chart shows Asian women do age more slowly

so much love for Delpo :)

Im not sure if this is a good or bad move by the WTA granollers bless him, may need to be measured occasionally

my gorgeous new necklace :) don't you love it?!

these taste kind of funny...must be all the high maltose corn syrup.... :s