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“You’ve gained four stitches.”
“WTF? How?! This is bullshit.”

Emojli is the dumbest app but at least any unsolicited dick pics will be from imaginative and inventive minds

“This is a big ass hustle, dog. Locate the truck, reclaim our chopper and drop it at Sandy Shores.” #RealLifeGTA

Having a late night deep, intellectual conversation with about the state of humanity

That’s the last time I go on a leisurely sail with

This is unpleasant but probably not the worst thing I’ll see on Facebook today

I found a text to you that I forgot to hit ‘send’ on…

I’m stoned on 2nd hand weed smoke. This firework felt like a meteor coming to destroy us :/

Bournemouth balloon (which I’m convinced that, one day, will break its tether & we’ll never see the occupants again)

Well, this looks like a pretty sweet ride. (Yup, it is Shane Richie.)

Nandos? Do you think I’m some kind of peasant?! ;D

May be of interest but Gabriel from Trekkies is posting ‘where are they now’ updates

There is a big buzz (and many many menfolk) in Leicester Square for Expendables 3 premiere

Having fortune read by Zoltar. Worried I’ll wake up as Tom Hanks tomorrow :/

Hello London! The hotel room is almost as big as my flat and the view isn’t too shabby.

Best/worst job title ever?

Book shopping with 12yo and agree with her exclamation of “OMG, what’s wrong with that?!”

I’ve killed a goblin and healed a wizard so far tonight. Another normal Saturday in Bournemouth.

Lightning over the Boscombe rooftops #Bournemouth

Here we go!