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pяστecτ τнe τнingѕ τнατ мαττeя...яigнτ. му ƒяien∂ѕ мαττeя τσ мe, τσσ. KH: BBS & R/R. FF XV. TWEWY. DX: HR. DW. AC. TWD. TWAU. LOL. χK●Jχ | נε τ'αiмε, Aleχ.

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It looked better in my head. SSP's attire...still working on it.

Camera quality's not too bad.

Miss using my tablet to edit photos.

Coloured pencils I wanted to give to Shan Chi.

Birth by Sleep on the big screen. TerraLooksLikeZack.

Hair chalk.

Found the cat trying to jump up on the couch.

Neko falling asleep.

Mum found this, fangirl-ed & thought of you. #Seasalt

This neko is kawaii... She's just sitting there.

Should have smiled, but... Whatever.

Brisbane city at night... We were going to the airport via the city to pick Mum up. SorryIt'sBlurry!

Cat sleeping on the table.

Found her sitting on my fabric...again.

[Sees some pigeons, climbs through the window and gets herself stuck.]

Kris wanted to see if the cat could balance above the door... She can.

Honestly don't know how the cat got up there...

Tell me what you think when you see this pattern.

It's not clear, but here it is!

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