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lol really..which one; not boring look what I'm doing lol

Let's go #lakers!!!

Sitting in class bored af THANK you JESUS for #CyclesRadio if not >.<

lol o/ #CyclesTuesday #TranceFamily

Staying - in! #ReLLaxin' =^_^=

Din - Din; If she can't cook #ShesBadForYouBro lol

Din-Din; if she can't cook for u #ShesBad4YouBro lol

Milk & chocoLate :)

PLace to b tonight (: free b4 1030 5$ after #TGiiF

Awwe! Ima miss my lil munchkins sooo much :')

Giving up drinking for #Lent isn't so bad :p While everyone's drinking beer I'm stuck drinking #BrainJuice :p

Diin Diin +)

This is what makes getting up early & sitting in lecture; #LabExperiments =^_^= #Biology lol

Mmmm pit stop @ Denni's w Salina before callin it a night :)

Happpy biiirthday Tio Pepe :p

Tough nite!!!! But there's nothing like coming home to some bombass ceviche! :p #FiRE

Dank!! :p LoL

Little LaKelto :p #Dalilah<3


FiiiiRE #SundayFunday

GooooooodMorning(: Fawwwwk last night was dope #TheMorningAfter :p