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Its quite short adie nw.. Was planning to go back n cut shorter bt thn i scare hav to pay double..geezzzz

Tadaaaaaaa :) <3

Cooked chicken karaage fr lunch today:) Took approx 2 hours to slice,marinate,cook n drain though.

Cooked chicken karaage fr lunch~ took approx 2 hours to sice,marinate,cook n drain. But its worth it ^^

Cooked chicken karaage fr lunch. Took arpund 2 hours fr slicimg,marinating,cooking though. But it's totally worth it:)

Cooked chicken karaage fr lunch today:) took around 2 hours fr slicing, marinating,cooking n draining.. But it's worth it:D

Happy early bday :)

Comparison of my cousie n lee yong dae

Comparison of my cousie n lee yong dae

Comparison of my cousin n lee yong dae~

After exactly one week of addiction, I've collected these after goin in 5 stores:> bankrupt nw~

FINALLY !!!!! HAHhahah thanks 8tv:) the first thing grandma told me whn I arrived home is ur package is here~ weeeeeee

Eli!!! Even simsimi thinks u're handsome, cutesy n derpiest pigeon ever xD hahaha <3

Omg with he wanna lick siwon's abs ewes xD hahahhaha

But I still think fanny looks prettier with these hairstyles ;D she is so gorgeous

Fanny in her fringe divided into half :/ still pretty larh xD

Eating my very last Dorayaki :b

voila ma burrito ;) finally n dang I so fcking love da chicken :D

doraemon's fav --DORAYAKI ;) made these just nw n it's my first time:3

Made around 50 of these cuties ;)