Born in '93, whose golden age is 1960s London. These zombies in the park they're looking for my heart.

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Happy Birthday ! Thx for you great music & many more birthdays to come! #Happy69thPaul

Daisy getting a haircut.... Hehehe<3

McD's after #promafterparty lol Hopefully this iced coffee keeps me awake since I had 0hrs of sleep

I can't stop looking at the background of my phone... (Taken at the top of the Rockefeller) #imissNY

My dog turns Asian when it's hot out.

The side effects when it's too hot

Hahaha trying to listen to Revolution 9 without pausing it on full blast LOL

K, it was raining so hard with heavy clouds, and now it's so bright... #wowthatscrazy

Aww 's ugly doll cupcake is so cute! And yummy hehe

Eating New York Fries poutine with ! Hehehe I miss NYC<3

Lovely weather we're having today :)

Heading home from our Gators Unlimited meeting/drawing. I wish we had this weather everyday!

Went to a vintage store in Toronto yesterday, and they had a 1940s television!

Today's weather kinda SUCKS since we're supposed to be taking COLOUR photography!... -___-

Pigging out in the lobby of our hotel... Last night in #NYC! </3

After playing Scrabble I got kinda bored...... Heheh, I ♥

I can't read your writing Johnnn!! #JohnLennonImagineBook

This made me laugh hahaha

I CARN'T SPEL #Ringolove