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i redid the art for my metra. this turned out WAY better then my 1st design. what do u guys think of it?

  • 1099 days ago via site
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Nothing special just a 5 minute sphere done in photoshop cs5. thoughts?

  • 1147 days ago via site
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come to the dark side solrac!! we have gummi bears! XP :D

  • 1147 days ago via site
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FINISHED! my tribute to nulgath. The void daggers of symbiote. which 1 do YOU prefer? btw i was experimenting with gradients and quite like how it turned out! comment please on it. thanks

  • 1170 days ago via site
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my new symbiote prince avvy. i used sketch book pro for it. what do you think of it? comment on it please. and btw my new name is now symbiote prince not www_die_com or Die the death bringer.

  • 1186 days ago via site
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almost done with the helmet! just gotta add a bit more shading and do the scarfs! comments so far? and also comments on the shading style of it! is it good, bad. does it need more detail or not but also remember that it wont be this zoomed in when done

  • 1209 days ago via site
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finshed my machine/ cyborg armor! thoughts on it and any name suggestions?

  • 1210 days ago via site
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UPDATE of my fire dagger this is just the handle so far! again comments on the shading please! :D

  • 1212 days ago via site
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this is the bottom of the handle on my fire dagger....... but then my computer froze and i lost the entire fla so i have 2 start from skratch :( anyway this is how my shading WAS before i lost it all! can i get some comments on the shading and what i can do better or what im doing right and wrong

  • 1212 days ago via site
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haha just got pokemon black and i always choose the water pokemon! in this cas its oshawott :D

  • 1214 days ago via site
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WIP of my fire dagger! startingn 2 like it! thoughts so far nae sugestions so far??

  • 1222 days ago via site
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dagger 4 xan even! its a dagger becuz there would b 1 in each hand! im busy flashing this now

  • 1222 days ago via site
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designed my on personal armor! im calling it the symbiote prince, if u dnt no symbiote is a race on aqw comments?

  • 1222 days ago via site
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my bow is complete! i call it the BOW OF BACKSTAB! literally cuz u can still slice with this bow! please comment!

  • 1223 days ago via site
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already started flashing my concept!! :P its just a WIP so far! thoughts??

  • 1223 days ago via site
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there we go quickly sketched this up! :D this is the bow we shall compare! ;)

  • 1223 days ago via site
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just finished my second ever aqw suggestion!! please comment and name suggestions??

  • 1224 days ago via site
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Left is my wip version of design and right is his design!! really liking the shading on this!

  • 1224 days ago via site
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i was told the handle was 2 small so here is a bigger handle

  • 1224 days ago via site
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and heres my blade finished my very 1st aqw styled blade!!! some kind of doom blade!!!

  • 1225 days ago via site
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